Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Suman Chitlangia


Himanshu Chitlangia



An organization which enriches and enhances the personal quality of an Individual with the perspective of Leadership and Innovation methodology of doing things.

Vaibhav Saboo



When?  how?  what? and who?..the questions will always be there and we can provide just the right solution to your problems. We not only create a memory for you but we give you a reason to look into your portfolio of memories.

Harshit Chitlangia



NeeV is a flourishing youth organization which caters the skills, knowledge and experience of an individual. The thought process is unique and positive and it directs our synergy to expertise our events.

Nayan Bora


Founded by youths, guided by experience
The team neev has given some amazing events to the city of ranchi

Priyanka Phalod


NeeV is a new perspective of minds that aspire to accomplish better things not only for the individuals but also for the society. A stepping stone towards a beautiful future.

Dipika Kumari


I'm grateful for having privileged to be part of "NeeV". With every event we create experience that people will remember. It is a chance to steal a little piece of someone's heart. There is nothing more rewarding than the end results, seeing people enjoying themselves and connecting. Knowing we put this together and made it happen, makes all the hard work worth it and that's why I love working in an event. That's the magic - organizing them is less fun but worth it when you see the results !! 😊

Ujjwal Somani


The steps you need to follow to fulfill your dream are the steps we/they follow to make it happen!
An experience worth living... A bond worth sharing... A group of friends making work a bit more fun..
That's what it takes to be a part of success...

Aryaja Ojha


When it comes to creating memories, there are many who talk a good game, but being a part of NeeV enabled me to learn what it truly meant to create unceasing memories through a plethora of events.

Sonal Jain


Look up , look down , Look right , look left
Now look at us.

We at NeeV make souls unite.

Ritesh Daga


Harshika Agarwal