• Venue           : Ratanlal Jain Smriti Bhawan
  • Date           : 28th October’2012
  • Timing          : 07:00 - 10:00 p.m
  • Hon’ble Guest   : Mr. Naveen Jaiswal
  • Sponsors        : 1. Royal Retreat   2. Gupta Jewellers


Dandiya Raas (2012)

The days of learning & practise of Dandiya was over and its  time to show “Dancing Night” which proved to be meaning of our event after seeing the response of the head bangers  of Dandiya. We holded more than 500 bangers that night.

  • Venue           : Milan Palace
  • Date           : 22nd Sept ’2013
  • Timing          : 07:00 - 10:00 p.m
  • Sponsors        : 1. Mewa Shop  2. Kraft Tata  3. Kaya  4. Rangla Panjab



Dandiya Raas (2013)

After the days of learning, it was the time to put up traditional clothes, grab Rolling Sticks and shake leg all night long moving your bodies in DJ lights. Not knowing Dandiya moves was no longer the reason to skip the “Dandiya Night” after the  6 days of Dandiya Workshop. 300 people celebrated Dandiya Raas with us.

  • Venue           : Milan Palace
  • Date             : 27th Sept ’2014
  • Timing          : 07:00 - 10:00 p.m
  • Sponsors      : 1. Vodafone 2. Gupta Jewelers 3. Bliss 4. Fashionika




Dandiya Raas (2014)

Navratri is not just  a nine day festival to worship and get blessing but it also brings the most awaited Dandiya Night with it. This was the time to slip into the traditional chaniya choli, pick up the colorful sticks and get on dance floor to swirl in Dandiya Raas. In the light of sponsors like Vodafone, Gupta jewelers & Fashionika , the event was spectacular to see and even more happening to be in. About 500 bangers dressed in traditional outfits, foot forward to show their skills in Garba, Dandiya and Sanadio that night.

  • Venue           : Celebration
  • Date           : 17th Oct ’2015
  • Timing          : 07:00 - 10:00 p.m
  • Sponsors        : 1. Audi  2. Aawran Home   3. Eclipse


Dandiya Raas (2015)

With the nine night of Goddess Durga’s Worship, there is a certain excitement in the air, for it is the time for the devout to revel in the energetic "Dandiya Raas" and Garba dances. The Dandiya event promises to give the Dandiya and Garba enthusiasts the best times of their lives and to add some spice to the season. About 700 bangers attended the Navratri Celebration.

  • Venue           : Celebration
  • Date           : 2nd Oct’2016
  • Timing          : 07:00 - 10:00 p.m
  • Sponsors     : 1. Sudha Motors  2. Nexus 3. Park Prime  4. Mann Baawra




Dandiya Raas (2016)

To mark the beginning of the festive seasons, “Dandiya Night” was organized. Residents dressed in ethnic attire turned up in huge numbers to participate in the celebrations with a lot of fervor. People of all age groups were seen playing dandiya and dancing to traditional as well as Bollywood numbers. Dandiya as  lively and colorful dance form has gained popularity with the passing years.

  • Venue           : Celebration
  • Date              : 24th Sept ’2017
  • Timing          : 07:00 - 10:00 p.m
  • Sponsors     : 1. Lamani  2. Hotel Genista Inn  3. Swarnnika                      4. Baba Munchies  5. The Kaya

Dandiya Raas (2017)

With the Fifth year of “Dandiya Raas, the celebration becomes bigger, better and even in varied formats. There was about 1000 footfalls in the event who joined the celebration of  Navratri. Traditional dandiya music along with some peppy bollywood  dandiya numbers was there to glue the visitors to the floor all through the evening.